About Us

Our History

Founded in 2020, TripleG3 consulting is a Software development and consulting firm. We specialize in modernizing applications, expanding distribution to mobile devices, merging and transitioning to cloud services, and adding new user requested features.

Management Team

Erin Puckett

President - CEO

Erin Puckett is a wife and mother of seven. She has a passion for God, helping others and finding solutions. After meeting her husband in 2013 and becoming the matriarch of a blended family, she balanced being a stay-at-home Mom and working towards her bachelor’s in business management with a concentration in Sales and Marketing. Erin had various roles in management over the years that gave her a hunger for more. She soon realized that with her husbands’ growing knowledge and passion for Software, they could create a business where Compassion, Management and Software come together. Erin and her husband dreamed of a Software Business that not only developed exceptional software solutions, but also created a collaborative and innovative environment. One where a person’s skills could grow, evolve and succeed at team goals. TripleG3 Consulting, LLC was born. Erin brings with her over 14 years’ experience in hospitality, customer service, sales, marketing, and operations management. She strives to create a humble culture and desires to have a personable relationship with clients and staff alike.

Michael Puckett

Vice President - COO

Michael Puckett is a loving husband and father of 7. He is a spiritual man, with a love for God that is also shared by his family. The name TripleG itself is derived from trinity and is a representation of the foundation the company was built and is the same name he used to represent his early projects. His pssion for development has continues to grow and evolve and he enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and bringing satisfaction to his clients.

Wanting to do more for the employees that were under his leadership, his wife approached him to combine their talents and realize the company that had once been his dream. Allowing him to greatly increase his ability to foster both the knowledge and passion of others.

Cory Powell

Senior Operations Manager

Cory Powell is both a husband and father of 3 children. Cory has worked with TripleG3 for years as a part time contractor, with extensive knowledge in UI/UX design and QA. He finally joined TripleG3 Consulting fulltime as a Project manager in July of 2021. He was quickly promoted to Senior Operations Manager responsible for the overall coordination of a broad range of service and resources that allow the organization to operate efficiently. Cory brings with him 15 years’ experience in operations management in addition to a diverse multimedia skillset including audio/video production, graphics design and photography. “I believe Leadership is a responsibility of those who can, and mentorship is an obligation for those who do”.

Our Values

We invest heavily in employee education, development, and wellbeing. Creating a company culture deeply rooted in the concept, that each person at TripleG3 brings their own unique skills and perspectives to a project. We never let our employees “get lost in the mix”, taking every opportunity to recognize the effort, contribution, and commitment of all that work here. We truly believe by investing in the people that drive our company, we can deliver a higher quality service, while simultaneously being more efficient than our competitors.

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